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How Many Types of Domestic Violence are There

Many people around the world have experienced different types of domestic abuse as this is a very common act. Violence is not a good act as this is what makes so many marriages/families fight and get to abuse one another. Couples on the other hand tend to engage themselves in domestic abuse as these are two persons who have differences. This is why we are here to talk about various types of domestic violence.

Domestic abuse is basically an act that is violated among family members of couples. A lot of damages will be experienced whenever domestic abuse is done. Domestic abuse come in different form of which you need to keep reading to get more of that. There is verbal abuse, of which it is a type pf domestic abuse that the abuser threatens the abused using abusive words.

As a way of defense the couple will always use this verbal abuse by threatening each other. There is also physical abuse of which this involves the fighting and a lot of beating from the abuser When physically abused victim is not taken care of quite faster chances of getting killed would be very high and that is a bad sign. Also there is sex abuse, this type of abuse narrates its actual act that the reader doesn’t need to find it hard to explain.

When a member of the family has been sexually tormented it actually means that they have been sexually abused. This type of domestic violence is gross and not something to think of as its hurting and very painful to an extent of giving the victim some self esteem. Another type of domestic violence is called emotional abuse, this is one of the common abuses that many people have experienced in their marriage and also in the family. This type of domestic violence that is called emotional abuse is purposed to tamper with ones emotions for them to feel unwanted and unworthy. The emotional abuse can easily be suicidal if the victim is not treated or counselled at the right time.

Isolation abuse is one that the abuser keeps off the victim from any freedom and social life. The abuser here intends to lock up the victim and that they don’t see the outside world thus preventing them from socializing. Isolation abuse is whereby the victim is denied their freedom and social life. Another type of domestic violence is called control, this is normally done for the abuser to feel in charge. In simple words, always keep the above information in mind as this can be of help in future.