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What are the Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in Young Males

Even though older men are the one susceptible to experience erectile dysfunction, a lot of young men have been diagnosed with it in the recent past. Erectile dysfunction is characterized by difficulty in having and maintaining an erection, thereby hindering your intimate life. It is possible that you, as a young male may have experienced erectile dysfunction without your knowledge. It is therefore essential to create an awareness of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Physical or mental issues can cause erectile dysfunction. The reasons for erectile dysfunction in young males are stated below.

The first cause of erectile dysfunction is obesity. Young men consuming a lot of junk and unhealthy foods are vulnerable to have erectile dysfunction read more about. For you to get an erection, you need to consider the blood pressure and transfer of blood to the male organs. Therefore, an obese young male is more susceptible to erectile dysfunction since there is not sufficient transfer of blood to the male organs.

The other primary reason for erectile dysfunction is a hormonal imbalance in young males. Testosterone hormone is responsible for your body growth and also controls your intimate life read more about. The testosterone levels should be high for you to achieve an erection during intimacy. Theoretically, the testosterone levels are supposed to decrease with increase in age. However, there are remedial procedures in place to boost your testosterone levels.

The third cause of erectile dysfunction in young individuals is a drug and substance abuse. The young men have been proven to be the leading group involved in drug abuse. Consumption of alcohol lowers the amount of blood in the body system read more about. Prolonged use of alcohol means the body will require enough blood to supply to the male organs to cause an erection. Alcohol lowers the functioning of the nervous system affecting the response to erection stimuli.

Stress is another cause of erectile dysfunction in young males. The mental health of young individuals is affected by stressful activities read more about. Intimacy is more than just physical attraction, and you ought to be emotionally ready. Stress inhibits the release of hormones for your intimate desire.

The fifth cause of erectile dysfunction in young men is depression. Depression revolves around feeling sad most of the time and low self-esteem read more about. As talked about earlier, depressants reduce the blood flow in veins, therefore, causing erectile dysfunction.

The causes of erectile dysfunction mentioned above need to be sensitized to the young males to protect them from the medical condition.